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15 CARY, Mary Jane (P1045)
16 !5/21/1995 Currently living in Arkansas. WRIGHT, William Kendall (P1764)
17 !Adrian Samuel Wright attended Seattle Pacific College in Seattle, WA in the
late 1800's - 1900. He was an ordained minister in the Free Methodist Church.
He was admitted to the Washington Conference of the F.M. Church till 1912, at
which time he was admitted to Full Connection to the Oregon Conference.

!At various times, he served as Pastor in Lacomb, Lakeview, Aumsville, Albany,
Woodburn, Hubbard, Peoria, Ingram Island and Falls City, Oregon. He built the
church in Carlton, OR.

!He was an inactive minister with the Free Methodist Church after 1923, but he
also preached with the Nazarene Churches, and possibly in Baptist Churches. He
preached Summer Camp Meetings, and tent revivals. By the late 1940's, he was a
Co-Pastor of the Newburg, OR Free Methodist Church, as was listed as such in a
1947 City Directory.

!Among the many things he did, during the 1930's he was hired to teach people
in the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) to read. He also farmed, and worked
in sawmills (he lost 2 fingers in a sawmill).

!Buried in Friends Cemetery in Newburg, OR next to his wife. His grave is
unmarked, except for a small metal plaque. 
WRIGHT, Adrian Samuel (P1703)
18 !During his working life, he was a surveyor, and a stationary engineer. He wasa Quaker, and did not serve in World War I, but was assigned to alternateservice. During World War II, he was a civilian employee of the CoastGuardin Coos Bay, OR. He died of a sudden, massive heart attack.He was married on a boat, off the coast of Oregon, because his bride was under age. His father, John Dempster Cook, officiated at thewedding. As a result, Iva Marrs father filed a formal complaint with the Free Methodist Church. Nothing came as a result of the complaint.!Data is from "A Cook(e) Family Genealogy" and "A Cook Family Three Centuries in America". I have been to his former residence in Cottage Grove, OR (655 Harrison St.), which is a white frame structure. His mother died in this house. COOK, Joseph Benjamin (P33)
19 !Some records on list his birth as 18 Apr 1829 and others list 18 Apr 1826 and 1 lists his birth as 18 Apr 1828.

!1900 US Census, Crook County, Or lists Dan F. Powell, born Dec 1830

!In all instances I have found him in Census records, (1860, 1870, 1880 and 1900) his listed age is more in line with the 1829-1830 dates. Also, all found instances in US census records list him as being born in Missouri and as the mojority of sources agree that Joab Powell didn't move his family to Missouri until 1830, this would also indicate his being born in 1830.

!SPECULATION: This being the case, this would mean he is possibly a twin with Mary. Joab and Anna's two youngest are twins so this is not inconceivable. This would make his birthdate 23 Dec 1830.

!Moved to Prineville Bet 1872 and 1880. Exact year is unknown.

!From US Land Patents, he cash sale bought 2 160 acre parsels of land in Crook County, OR in 1882 and 1890. 
POWELL, Daniel F. (P410)
20 "David C. Powell was born in Jackson County, MO, July 22, 1847, beingthe eldest of eleven children in a family of four sons and sevendaughters. His father's name was Silas Powell and his mother beforemarriage was Harriet Rice. His grandfather was the distinguished Baptistpreacher, Joab Powell, well known in Missouri, the principal field of hislabors. When the subject of this sketch was three years of age, hisparents emigrated cross the plains to Oregon, there finding a home wherethey resided until 1869. There he passed his years of youth, obtaininghis education in the schools of that State, and becoming familiar withthebusiness of farming and the management of stock. In 1869 his parentsdecided to seek a more southern clime and removed to genial California.While on the long journey he had the sad misfortune to lose his fatherwho died in Santa Clara County and the family continued their way to SanLuis Obispo. David C. Powell, being the eldest of the children, upon himdevolved the duty of caring for the others. Settling upon a ranch heentered into the business of farming, dairying, and stock raising withsuccess. His farm comprising an area of 920 acres which he owns. In1871 he came to reside at his present home which belongs to his mother,now Mrs. Shipp. In this place are 327 acres and the fine improvementsshown in the engraving on another page. Mr. Powell was married November21, 1877, to Miss Martha C. petty, a native of Missouri, and two boysbless the union. Both Mr. and Mrs. Powell are fond of society and enjoygreeting their friends at their hospitable home. Mr. Powell, whileactively and strictly attending to business, finds time to attend to hisduties as a prominent citizen. Politically he acts with the Democratsand was in 1876 chosen to be the honorable office of Justice of thePeace."

Source: Martha A. Crosley Graham, Biographies of San Luis Obispo County

This is a hobby. Not all the information has been personally verified by me. 
POWELL, David C. (P1028)
21 "Mrs. Hannah Tyson was born near Knoxville, TN, on 21 February 1828and lived there the first four years of her life and then moved with herparents, Mr. and Mrs. Absalom Powell, to Jackson County, MO. She wasmarried to E.A. Ingrum on 11 November 1847 and to their union was born 7children: Mrs. Lovenia Tyson; George in Francis, TX; Joe Ingrum ofCentralia, MO: and Alice, John, Willis, and Jim Ingrum, deceased. Herfirst husband drowned in August 1863 while in army service for theSouthern Confederacy. She was again married on March 2nd 1869 to ThomasS. Tyson who died on 13 June 1911."

Source: Grandmother Sinia Harris' scrapbook, Wallace Stanley Tyson,"O.V. and Kids" e-mail sent 1 October 2000.

This is a hobby. Not all the information has been personally verified by me. 
POWELL, Hannah (P1184)
22 (Medical):Aunt Bertie had green eyes and was about 5'6”. STRINGER, Roberta B. Ridgeway (P1437)
23 [1822479 Roland Burbridge.ged]
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SUBLETT, Andrew Whitley (P758)
24 [1822479 Roland Burbridge.ged]
bond of Phillip A. Sublett to marry Isabella Whitley, with William
Greenwood as surety, 11-21-1797. Consent of William Whitley for his
daughter, same date, witnessed by John Davis and William Greenwood. 
WHITLEY, Isabella (P757)
25 [1822479 Roland Burbridge.ged]
central va., history sum 1989 vol 7 #21
notes book
father Peter Louis Soblett, wife Susannah Allen daughter of Wm. and
Mary Allen
Wm. died 1780 in Charlotte Co., lived Lose Ck. area in 1767
ch. valentine rev. war soldier
Cumberland Co.
1755, William Soblet, of Albemarle Co., father PeterLewis Soblet,
patent 1738, to Peter Soblet wit; Hugh Green, Stephen Forsee, Sam'l
Amelia Co., Va.
William Sublett to Betsey Hughes, 4-24-1788,surity John Hughes
Peter Sublett to Nancy Wingo, 6-1-1805, father John Wingo
Dudly Seay, Archabald Wingo
Charlotte Co, Va
3-6-1780; William Soblett, of Powhatan Co., to Martha Jordan; lines,
Great Louse Ck., Charles Harris, William Hazelwood, George Smith,
Phily Brewers, Wood Jones 428 acres; wit.,Abraham Soblett, Benjamin
Hazelwood, John Kersy
3-1780; Benjamin Soblet from Charles Jordan; Middle Fork of Cub Ck.
wit.; Andrew Wallace
1790 census Benjamin & William Sublet
1770, Peter Soblet from David George
1771, William Soblet to Joseph Fuqua
William Sublett, will, 3-13-1780/p. 8-7-1780 wife Susanna bk 1-pg. 224
children; not mentioned
exec; John & Samuel White, wit; John Weatherford, John Holland, Phillip
Sowel; Charles McKinney & John Wheeler were sec. for Susanna
Abraham Sublett, Sr., will wife Elizabeth 1780
sons; Wm., Abram,
dau; Martha, Sarah, Eliz., Jean, Nancy
land where Edmund Ayres & Wm. Sublett live
friend Edward Ayres exec; Wm. Soblet & Abram Soblet Jr.
William Sublett, will, wife Susana 12-16-1811 3-187
son; William
dau.; Anney Birchfield, Salley
wit.; C.H. Slaughter, Campbell Daniel, Thomas Jeter
10-11-1783, Wm. Soblett to George Smith, of P. E., Louse Ck. wit; White
Woodford Co., Ky
John T. Sublett, 11 1823, settle account 
SUBLETT, William A. (P676)
26 [1822479 Roland Burbridge.ged]
Charlotte Co.
1791 taxes
12-27-1793, WilliamAllen Sublet from Joseph Akin, of Campbell Co.
Louse Ck.
10-3-1800, Wm. A. Sublett, of Halifax Co., to Thomas Cumbee
Rutherford Co., Tn.
SUBLETT, William Allen (P748)
27 [1822479 Roland Burbridge.ged]
Lincoln Co. Ky. records, vol. 1 pg. 52
Lincoln Co., Ky.
Nancy Sublett to Charles Adams, 3-2-1831, Henry Owsley sur., George
father, wit. Phillip C. Sublett
1800 taxes
lietenant in Pulaski Co., Ky. 2-23-1801
appointed clerk in Palaski and Wayne Co.'s1803
1810 returned to Lincoln Co.
1818 moved to St. Charles Co., Mo., 22 miles north of St.Louis
operated a ferry on Miss R.
operated taverns
Charlotte Co., Va.
1-1796; David Lawrence, of Ky., appointed attorney by Monoah Bailey, for
purpose of making Josiah McKinney, of Mercer Co., Ky., right of title to
tract of landin Ky., containing 300 acres for my soldiers writer
wit.; Phillip A. Sublett,Cuth. Williamson, Mary Dudgeon
1837; P. A. Sublett; St. Augustine Tax list
1837; Sam T. Allen; St. Augustine Tax list
1837; H.W. Sublett; St. Augustine Tax list
Texas Abstracts of original Land Titles
9-8-1835; Phillip A. Sublett; 5 miles from St. Augustine, joins John
12-3-1837; P.A. Sublett & Sam Houston as agents for Juan Mora on Red River 
SUBLETT, Phillip Allen (P750)
28 [1822479 Roland Burbridge.ged]
lived with James & Levisa McKinney after 1822 
SUBLETT, Sophonia Fuller (P760)
29 [1850 Sept 28 Census: Missouri, Jackson, Sni Bar Twp] Joab Powel, 51, born Tennessee, a baptist minister, lives with wife Anna, 50, born Tennessee, and children Mary, 20; Anna, 18; Jacob, 16; William, 14; Abram, 10 and Barbara 10

Left Tennessee in 1830; left Missouri in 1852.

Providence Pioneer Church Cemetery
35787 Richardson Gap Rd
Scio, OR USA

This cemetery is behind the old Providence Pioneer Church near Scio, Linn Co., Oregon. It was originally a missionary Baptist church established by a group of 19 led by Elder Joab Powell, the famous Oregon circuit rider, in 1853. At its peak the church had 400 members. In Dec. 2002 it was a Vineyard Fellowship church.

Residence: Between 1830-1852 Salem, Missouri
Residence: Bef 1830 , Claiborne County, Tennessee
Residence: After 1852 , Linn County, Oregon
Event: Alt. Birth Virginia

Joab Powell was a Baptist circuit rider. He was born and raised Quaker but converted to becoming a Baptist. His circuit covered Missouri and later Oregon.
"He was a large man, well over six feet and weighed 250. Even though he was a minister of the Gospel, he could scarcely read the Bible or anything else. He even had difficulty writing his own name. He was the first minister in Independence, MO. The family followed the Oregon Trail in 1852 and settled in Linn County, OR.

Joab began to preach at age 24. His claim in Oregon was located at the Forks of the Santiam in Linn County.

"Although he could barely read and write, Joab was a powerful preacher and had a keen mind which enabled him to memorize most of the Bible and the hymns he sang ... He preached to all who would listen and was famous for riding the circuit throughout Linn County. Joab was one of the originators of the Providence Baptist Church, located midway between Scio and Lacomb. This congregation decided to form on April 9, 1853, and Rev. J.G. Berkley was appointed minister. He served for four years after which Joab Powell preached for the next five years. The first church was built during 1856-7 and a second building was completed in 1898. Services are still held in this church."

Source: Oregon Pioneer Biographies, OR GenWeb

"The United Baptist church of Providence, located in the Forks of the Santiam, was organized at the home of John Powell by Revs. J.C. Berkley, Joab Powell, and R. Cheadle, with 19 members on 9 April 1853." There were 19 charter members, all of whom came from Jackson County, MO, via the Oregon Trail. By the next year, the church had doubled its membership. A meeting house was constructed in 1856. Joab Powell was the primary pastor.
"Joab Powell, whose life and preaching have become well known legends in the Willamette Valley, was a short, broad, thickset man, uncouth, a user of tobacco, homespun in his talk but sincere and honest. His very uncouthness, disregard for anything but the simple fundamentals of life, his prodigious strength and energy, coupled with his stentorian voice --- which it was said couldbe heard a mile when he discoursed or preached -- made him a successful saver of souls. He was kin to the people among whom he labored and understood them as they understood him"
"He was born in Claiborne County, TN July 16, 1799, had no education, read poorly and wrote still more poorly. He was married in 1818, professed religion in 1824, and came to Oregon in 1852 settling in the Forks of the Santiam River where he died January 25, 1873. Providence Church for wich he labored grew to 400 members."

Source: Pioneer Baptist Churches,

"The Powells began in Oregon with Joab who came by wagon train from Missouri in 1852. He and his bride, Anna, and their children settled near Scio. He left a wide mark throughout the history of early Oregon as he traveled the territory preaching against sin and baptizing some 3,000 persons in the nearest creek. This famous pioneer traveled by horseback in three Pacific Coast states. Elder Joab was a sociable person. Many of the neighbors of the Powells' came to from Jackson County, MO, also. It was in his oak grove that these friends, original 19 members of the Providence Church, met to organize the Providence Baptist Church on April 9, 1853.
"Joab and family settled on the Forks of the Santiam River where he lived until his death in 1872. Mother Powell, as his wife Anna was known, seemed to never tire. She took care of her large family and tended the farm with the help of the children while Elder Powell went about the business of the Lord wherever he found a need. The little woman was a source of power to her big husband who came home drained of confidence. She would build his self-confidence and send him out again. Anna died in 1872. No one ever saw him smile again. He died soon after her. They are both buried in Providence Cemetery."

---- Lenora Houston Powell, "The History of Crook County", Crook County Historical Society, 1981.

"Liberty Baptist Church is situated in Section 26, Township 13 South, Range 1 West in Linn County, Oregon. It occupies a portion of the original Donation Land Claim of Oliver H.P. Derby ... The history of this cemetery is rather interesting. The Liberty Baptist Church to wich it belonged as one of the many organized by the eccentric Elder Joab Powell and his associates of the Providence Congregation. This church was organized on October 3, 1853. For many years it was most active. Elder Powell held protracted meetings here. To quote a pioneer informant who attended those meetings, herself a granddaugher of elder Powell (Rachel Powell Peterson) - 'There was one meeting that i remember more than all the others. It was a long, protracted meeting held in the Sweet Home community near the Barr Home. People came to that meeting for twenty-five miles in all directions. They camped there and staid for the entire time. There was a large field set aside for the campers and many of them brought their cattle and pastured them in that field and milked them there, skimming the milk and making the cream into butter on the grounds. Beds were set up at the back of the church and some mothers with children slept there while the beds were used as a place to put the sleeping children and babies during the meetings. I do not knowhow long those meetings lasted but for many weeks. It was a long ways from the river and the converts had to be baptized. As you know, my grandfather was a great stickler for baptism. He therefore built a big baptistry from planks near the church. During the week grandfather would preach and baptize there but on Sundays he would take his converts to the Santiam River for immersion."

--- Leslie L. Haskin, "W.P.A. Linn County Cemetery Survey", originally taken 1940.

"On a gently sloping hillside overlooking the Santiam Valley stands today the historic Providence Church between two groves of stately fir trees. Back of the church is a well-kept pioneer cemetery. The church is located about half way between Scio and Lebanon on a side road to the east. The early history of the Providence Church is inseparable from that of its first preacher, the colorful Joab Powell. He and his wife and 10 children - two had died previously and two sons had preceded the family west - arrived in Oregon in 1850 from Missouri. They took up a 650 acre donation land claim on the forks of the Santiam River. From the moment of Joab's conversion in 1824 in Tennessee, his consuming desire was to save sinners from eternal damnation. No small wonder that upon arrival in Oregon his thoughts turned to organizing a church. On April 9, 1853, Powell and 19 others signed as charter members. In discussing a fitting name for this 14th Baptist congregation to be organized in Oregon, Joab suggested, 'Since Providence has led us to this place and prospered us in the forming of a church, why not call it Providence Baptist Church.' And so it has remained through the years. The first building was constructed of logs cut and hauled from some distance. It had a shake roof and a puncheon floor. Home-made tallow candles placed in holders along the sides furnished light. A raise platform with a rude desk and chairs and a mourner's bench were at th front end. The pews were straight and hard. The log church was replaced by the present church on the same site.
Joab Powell was a big man, weighing 300 pounds with a voice of incredible volume. He was described as a rugged character, preaching a rugged Gospel in rugged times. He was known to convert as many as 50 in a day. The mourner's bench was usually crowded. Immersion was in nearby Jordan Creek with Powell immune to the chilly waters in which he stood hip deep. The church numbered 400 members, the largest of any Baptist church in the Oregon territory. It is estimated that Joab baptized 3,000 persons in his ministry"

- Olga Samuelson Freeman, "A Guide to Early Oregon Churches"

"The Reverand Joab Powell was of Quaker descent, born on July 16, 1799, in Claiborne County, TN. He went to Missouri in 1832, crossed the plainsby covered wagon train with his large family in 1852, and took up an Oregon Donation Land Claim south of Scio, Oregon. The next spring he had his farm underway so that he, several members of his family, and neighbors built a log church in a beautiful fir grove on a hilltop on his farm. They named it Providence Baptist Church ... Joab's wife, Ann Beeler Powell, was a small quiet woman of German ancestry. She and the older sons ran the farm while Joab rode far and near, holding church services in the widely scattered settlements. He would return each fall to the home on the Santiam River, ragged and dispirited. His home was a well of strength. Each night by the fireside, throughout the winter, his wife would read chapters of the Bible to him. Joab would listen and later repeat them word for word by memory. She would refer with pride to his summer's achievements. slowly his confidence and courage would build up; and, in the spring, he would be ready for new conquests. Elder Powell had friends in all walks of life. His adaptability, no doubt, was one of the underlying reasons for his famed evangelical success. He was a straight and honorable man, and his preaching far and near was followed by spiritual awakenings of great power. His work stood the test of time. He died in 1873 and lies buried in Providence Churchyard beside his wife. Ann died as she had lived - gently - in the spring of 1872. Joab never rode the circuit again. He died seven months after his wife was gone."

- Lenore Powell, "Oregon Historic Landmarks - Willamette Valley", Oregon Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, 1963. 
POWELL, Joab B (P401)
30 [1900 U.S. Census, Monmouth, Polk Co., Oregon] Gilbert, 21, is head of family living with brothers Chester, 19, and Cortis, 15. All three attend school; probably at least Gilbert and Chester in Oregon State Normal School at this time. Gilbert graduated from Normal School in 1901, then married Mabel Kate Cameron in December 1903 and moved to Washington State. Although he had his teaching certificate, he took a job with the railroad rather than teaching.

[Federal Land Patent] Patentee: GILBERT GAY STRINGER; Issue Date: 3/17/1920; Land Office: The Dalles; U.S. Reservations: Yes; Mineral Reservations: No; Authority: May 20, 1862 Homestead EntryOriginal (12 Stat. 392); State: OREGON; Acres: 317.6; Document Nr.: 015877; Misc. Doc. Nr.: 0; Accession/Serial Nr.: 740419; BLM Serial Nr.: ORTD 0015877. This land is located at the junction of Van Lake and Price-Twelvemile roads, north of U.S. Highway 20 about 12 miles east of Brothers, Crook Co., Oregon. I am not sure whether Gilbert ever did anything with this land since according to his daughter Lenore Stringer, he died in Feb. 1920.

Gilbert died young. He and Mabel's children lived with relatives various places in Oregon. Some with family of Cortis Stringer, others with Chester Stringer. 
STRINGER, Gilbert Gay (P1950)
31 [1900 U.S. Census, Oregon, Crook Co., Page 33] Harvey Cyrus lives with John, 28, John's wife Elvira, 26, and another of his brothers George, 23. This census indicates Harvey was born in Oregon, and parents born in Oregon and Missouri. [1910 U.S. Census, Oregon, Crook Co., Black Butte Prec.] Living alone William H. Cyrus, 40, is a stock farm laborer. This census indicates Harvey was born in Oregon, and parents born in Oregon and Missouri. [1920 January 6-7 U.S. Census, Oregon, Crook Co., Prineville City] W. Harvey Cyrus, 49, is living with wife Florence, 25. He would die just three and a half years later. This census indicates Harvey was born in Missouri, and parents born in Vermont and Missouri. I am thinking this is probably incorrect, since the other two census had the same different data. CYRUS, William Harvey (P2007)
32 [1920 Jan 7-8 Census: Oregon, Multomah, Portland Prec. 70] E.C., 23, and wife Viva, 24, are renters on 13th St. in Portland. [1930 Census] Living near Viva's mother Eva in W. Beaverton, Washington Co., Oregon. Have a son Enoch C. Parrott, Jr., 5. COURTER, Viva Vivian (P2014)
33 [1920 Jan 7-8 Census: Oregon, Multomah, Portland Prec. 70] E.C., 23, and wife Viva, 24, are renters on 13th St. in Portland. [1930 Census] Living near Viva's mother Eva in W. Beaverton, Washington Co., Oregon. Have a son Enoch C. Parrott, Jr., 5. PARROTT, Enoch Carroll Sr. (P2357)
34 [Lenore Stringer Tomlinson, Interview with Andrew Stringer, May 18, 2003] Lived with Cortis Stringer family after her mother died.

[California Death Index] Whitted, Christine Ladonna b. 21 Feb 1906 in Washington state d. 1 Apr 1995 in Sonoma Co, California SSN 525826575

[Social Security Death Index] Christine S Whitted SSN 525-82-6575 Residence: 95492 Windsor, Sonoma, CA Born 21 Feb 1906 Died 1 Apr 1995 Issued: NM (1954) 
STRINGER, Christine Ladonna (P2017)
35 [Lenore Stringer Tomlinson] Merle Stringer's birthday was June 5th and she died at the age of 84, in 1989.

She changed the spelling of her name to Myrle.

[Oregon Death Index] Name: Stringer, Myrle Ella County: Yamhill Death Date: 24 Mar 1989 Certificate: 89-05906 Birth Date: 05 Jun 1904 
STRINGER, Myrle Ella (P2016)
36 [Obituary - The Oregonian - May 2003] Howard Clifton Stringer 05/09/03 A funeral will be at 10:30 a.m. Saturday, May 10, 2003, in Young's Funeral Home for Howard Clifton Stringer, who died May 7 at age 86. Mr. Stringer was born March 22, 1917, in Portland, and was raised in Dundee. He graduated from Newberg High School. During World War II, he served in the Navy. He was an auto parts expediter for Chrysler, where he worked for 40 years. In 1939, he married Maxine Nixon. Survivors include his wife; son, Paul; daughter, Patty LaRoche-Clark; sister, Veora Mountain; and three grandchildren. Remembrances to Tigard Christian Church. Arrangements by Young's. Entombment Crescent Grove Cemetery. STRINGER, Howard Clifton (P2005)
37 [Oregon Death Index] Name: Blackwell, Eunice Adelle County: Yamhill Death Date: 08 Sep 1994 Certificate: 94-19050 Spouse: Myron Birth Date: 26 Dec 1907 STRINGER, Eunice Adelle (P2018)
38 [Oregon Death Index] Name: Copley, Arleta Lucille County: Deschutes Death Date: 18 Sep 1990 Certificate: 90-17962 Spouse: Ivan Birth Date: 02 Mar 1912 RIDGEWAY, Arleta Lucille (P1936)
39 [Oregon Death Index] Name: Copley, Ivan Robert County: Deschutes Death Date: 02 Feb 1991 Certificate: 91-02137 Spouse: Arleta Birth Date: 24 May 1909 COPLEY, Ivan Robert (P2334)
40 [Oregon Death Index] Name: Cram, James A County: Multnomah Death Date: 28 Nov 1968 Certificate: 16845 Spouse: Mabel CRAM, James Adams (P2034)
41 [Oregon Death Index] Name: Grant, Bessie Ann County: Jefferson Death Date: 05 Oct 1974 Certificate: 74-15670 Spouse: Mason Birth Date: - Jul 1888 ROBINSON, Bessie Annetia (P1348)
42 [Oregon Death Index] Name: Grant, Dayton Ephraim County: Multnomah Death Date: 25 Dec 1990 Certificate: 90-25268 Spouse: Clara Birth Date: 28 May 1893 GRANT, Dayton Ephriam (P1444)
43 [Oregon Death Index] Name: Grant, Goldie Alm County: Deschutes Death Date: 05 Jan 1986 Certificate: 86-00328 Birth Date: 14 Jun 1910 JACKSON, Goldie Alma (P1468)
44 [Oregon Death Index] Name: Grant, James Hus County: Crook Death Date: 16 Jan 1986 Certificate: 86-01126 Birth Date: 23 Nov 1896 GRANT, James Huston (P1446)
45 [Oregon Death Index] Name: Grant, Mason Ray County: Deschutes Death Date: 10 Mar 1975 Certificate: 75-03723 Spouse: Bessie Birth Date: - Jul 1891 GRANT, Mason Ray (P1347)
46 [Oregon Death Index] Name: Grant, Volney Ray County: Crook Death Date: 08 Nov 1994 Certificate: 94-23657 Spouse: Mary Birth Date: 21 Feb 1910 GRANT, Volney Ray (P1465)
47 [Oregon Death Index] Name: Newton, Edward T County: Wallowa Death Date: 17 Mar 1961 Certificate: 3774 Spouse: Eunice Age: 55 NEWTON, Theodore Edward (P2378)
48 [Oregon Death Index] Name: Ridgeway, Verl Adlen County: Jefferson Death Date: 13 Oct 1991 Certificate: 91-19365 Spouse: Lavon Birth Date: 20 Sep 1915 RIDGEWAY, Verl Alden (P1934)
49 [Oregon Death Index] Name: Robertson, Bernice Lucinda County: Multnomah Death Date: 10 Dec 1987 Certificate: 87-24311 Spouse: Chalme Birth Date: 31 Jul 1898 GRANT, Bernice Lucinda (P1447)
50 [Oregon Death Index] Name: Robertson, Chalmers H County: Multnomah Death Date: 19 Feb 1972 Certificate: 72-03167 Spouse: Bernic Birth Date: - Jan 1895 ROBINSON, Chalmers Hodge (P2045)

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