Joseph & Iva Cook
Family History

Welcome to the family tree of Iva Mae Marrs and Joseph Benjamin Cook

Although this tree is about the descendants and ancestors of Joab Powell and does include them, our story begins on January 4th, 1884 when Joseph Benjamin Cook was born in Lime Springs, Iowa and on October 6th, 1895 when Iva Mae Marrs was born in LaComb, Oregon.

They were married off of Tillamook Oregon on a boat by Joseph's father, Rev. John Dempster Cook and witnessed by Jeanette Cook. Iva was only 17 and couldn't get a marriage license. She was forbidden by her father to see Joseph so John D. Cook married them on authority of he was the captain of the ship.

The result was 6 children, Joseph, Aura, Ardie, Patricia, Betty and Barbara.

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